Thursday, April 15, 2010

More easy ways to go green at school

I really liked how I gave examples of how to go green on a college campus. So, I am going to give you guys some more ideas that are easy to do.


Go paperless. Now that you are on your own at school, you may be managing your own mail. A great way to go green this way is to have your mail e-mailed to you instead of through the postal service. You can get bank and credit card statements this way. even BGSU has gone green by making all of their bursar bills only available online to save paper!

Take the minimum. When you go to the cafeteria and grab some food, do not take more than needed. Just take the amount of napkins and silverware that you neccessary. If you take more than that, you are wasting what others could be using.

Use your computer in class. Take notes on your computer if you have a laptop. This is the complete paperless route.


Save supplies. Whatever school supplies, like paper, pens and pencils, that you do not use this semester, use next semester! Save yourself the time and money.

Use binders. You can reuse binders every semester by just buying new refillable loose leaf paper. This is way cheaper on you since loose leaf paper only costs 50 cents at some stores. Plus, this is a great way to save trees!

Hope you guys enjoy these ones as well!
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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