Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't Litter

No littering! If you want to help the world become a cleaner place, throw away your trash. When you litter, often the trash will end up in lakes, oceans or rivers. This ultimately leads to the large pollution problem that we as a world are battling with. Remember that pollution is not something that just an individual can help. The world needs to work together in order to see a change. Remind friends to make sure they are throwing things away properly. If you see them throwing their fast food bag out the car window, stop them! A small task such as that is helping. Then maybe the next time they go to do the same thing, they will stop themselves. May be a stretch, but it is just a thought!
Remember…by littering, you can also kill wildlife. Animals do not know better of what not to get into. If you throw something on the ground that is poisonous, glass, plastic or metal animals may try to eat it. Therefore, by throwing trash away you are saving the wildlife and the earth.

Try This!
Before you throw away your 6 pack plastic rings from your soda cans, cut each circle. This will help incase it gets to land or water animals. If it gets into the ocean, fish can get stuck in the circles. If it happens to be on land, a bird can get it stuck around its feet. So make sure the next time you come across one, you take the time to save an animal!

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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